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The act of blowing air out of a penis. Similar to the female queef.
Do you smell that peef?; yeah! the guy has been peefing all day!!
by thehorneygoat January 13, 2011
if a woman still wants to have sex even if the man is too tired, the man will then poop, but not letting the poop completely leave his butthole, the girl then puts a condom on the poop, and fucks the condomed poop.
Bill was too tired to have sex after hours of fucking his girlfriend so he quenched his girl's sexual needs by peefing her.
by big nigga nigga nigga March 10, 2011
When a man farts out of his penis. The male version of queefing
Yo man, I was just sitting in class and BAMN! I was peefing!
by Jessie Snow March 29, 2014
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