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A dildo for those who are in favor of vaginas. Instead of a penis shape, the vagildo takes the form of a vagina.
Excuse me sir, may I borrow your vagildo? I am in need of pleasuring myself.
by Dinkmers November 23, 2007
1. of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or resembling the imperial domination work of Kefka from Final Fantasy VI.

2. marked by evil clown-like laughter or a desire to fight people while "Dancing Mad" plays in the background.
Why yes, I did feel that the imperial conquest of Adolf Hitler was very Kefkaesque.
by Dinkmers November 23, 2007
Head given within the parameters of Rhode Island.
"Hey B-rett, did you get any Rhode head when you were in Rhode Island last weekend?"
by Dinkmers November 23, 2007
Three penises (penii). Caused by a rare genetic disorder. In pornography, this is often implemented to simultaneously pleasure three women (or men, or a combination of both). Will most often result in a trigasm.
"Hey William, how large is your trenis?"
"Do you mean individually or combined?"
by Dinkmers November 23, 2007
1) To kill a Bro. Biblically, Cain was the first to commit broicide when he slew his Bro Abel.

2) To rackjack a Bro. This method of Broicide is far worse than definition 1.
1) Bro 1: Hey Bro.
Bro 2: Hey Bro.
Bro 1: Whatcha doin with that knife bro?
Bro 2: Oh not much bro. Was just going to murder you is all.
British Detective: Why that's BROICIDE!
Bro 2: Word, brah. *murders bro 1*
British Detective: Everybody dance!

2) Bro 1: I'm gonna have sex with you!
Hot Chick: This is true.
Bro 2: Hey, Bro 1! Look over there!
Bro 1: Whaaa?
Bro 2: Hot Chick, let's have sex!
Hot Chick: *has sex*
Bro 1: Hey, you rackjacked me! Aww, not on the floor! Broicide, man! Broicide!
Bro 2: Sorry, bro! Im a douchebag!
by Dinkmers August 20, 2009
The male version of a Queef. Physiologically, it is a burst of air which shoots forth from the penis with magnificent force and beauty.
Fapfapfapfap *paaah*
"Daddy, did you just peef in my face?"
"Shut up, junior. You're adopted."
by Dinkmers April 12, 2009
(adv/adj) Denoting work undertaken by a bro for the good of one's bro without compensation, esp. when that bro needs help moving, a ride to the airport, or even a temporary wingman. Such work is considered just as noble, or perhaps nobler, than other voluntary service.
(adv) I do kinda have something else broing on tonight, but after I rackjacked Ted last night, I feel like I have to throw him a brone and help him hook up with Robin pro brono.

(adj) Might I enlist your pro brono services, gentlemen? This Tijuana prostitute isn't going to bury itself!
by Dinkmers August 20, 2009

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