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Taking a knee at a sporting event or concert with loose fitting shorts and no undergarments for the purpose of emptying your bladder.
"I can't miss this play, I'm going to have to take a Peebow"
by Ans Solo December 15, 2013
The best store in existence ever.

Some people prefer to call this Peebles, but, the real name is definitely Peebows.

This store is just like Kohl's, but it's a cheaper, more crappy version of it.
But, yet, the atmosphere is way better.
And sometimes you even get to see Da Lady; Peebows' prized employee.
"Hey Tevin, want to go to Peebows?!"

"January 9th, Tevin and Tatwina go to Peebows for da first time."
by Tatwina March 13, 2008

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