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A hard-working,independent,sweet boy.He treats people right even though it might kill him at times.He likes to make people laugh at anything.
Tevin is off tha chain
Tevin is so sweet
by Da_Tru_Princ3ss April 17, 2006
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A total smartass. Always tries yo outsmart people, and think's he knows everything. Nice at times but when angered turns beast-like.
Person: X=3!
Tevin: No, x=5. If you were smart you would have gotten 5 not 3.
Person: Shut up smartass >_> (rolls eyes)
by (Anonymous_Person February 25, 2010
He is the sweetest guy you will ever know. He is really cute and doesn't ever want to hurt anyone's feelings. He has this way of making you fall for him, but he doesn't catch you.
Tevin is so adorable. He is just the cutest.
by youdntneed2know1203 March 11, 2013
Sexiest, handsome and most sweetest guy on earth. No one can compare to him in any area. The definition of perfection.
Tiffany: OMG that guy is so sweet to me <3 and his so handsome <3 he must be a Tevin :)!
by Kathyyy June 03, 2013
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