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An English Phrase Used too Describe Getting Very Drunk - It's a Word That's So Amazing, The World Won't no Whats Hit Them.
"I went out and got SO pebbled last night."
by Mr. Very Big June 03, 2009
16 6
the act of smoking marijuana and you get only a lil buzzed ,but not stoned.
that kid with the long hair and the glasses isnt stoned he's just pebbled.
by KAZZILLA99 March 20, 2010
8 1
scale of being stoned. not stoned but maybe just a little bit high. Pebble is a small rock hence where the scale comes from. when you have had one toke on a joint you are pebbled, not stoned yet.
i smoked to bongs, man im pebbled!
by Seedy mc Seed August 04, 2010
7 3
a little stoned, ie not too high
"I don't know if I want to get stoned, but I'll get a little pebbled."
by Monty S September 20, 2007
6 2
smoking weed and not getting completely stoned.
Bro, this one-hitter is making me feel a little pebbled.
by mikeymass September 02, 2010
3 1
Pebbles, Pebbler, and Pebbled will replace Stones, Stoner, and Stoner. It will become an epidemic.

Copyright Alex and Lesley
Bro, I am SO getting pebbled tonight.
by Mr. A's Revenge August 20, 2005
5 4
Pebbled is a combination of extreme tiredness(a.k.a staying up all night for 2 nights) and extreme sugar intake witch makes patterns shimmer like in a heat wave and makes you feel somewhat drunk(without the alcohol).
girl#1: Remember when ruby was pebbled?
girl#2:ya. she was using a broom handle to fight with a tree.
by mi1k November 08, 2009
2 3