Feeling awesome, sunny,healthy
I feel peachy sipping Bailey's by the pool while you croon "what would you do...if you were me"
by Ruma April 14, 2015
Peachy another word for awsome, wicked, amazing, sick
Dude that tune is fucking peachy
How are you? I'm fucking peachy Mate

This can also used in negative context. e.g. thats is not fucking peachy
by SIMBAH! March 04, 2015
a cute arse, resembling a firm, tasty and supple peach
my engineering teacher has a peachy arse
by FAYFAY March 02, 2008
A self-absorbed young hottie whose boyfriend clearly does not spank her enough.
Peachy is a cocky little bitch but my god she's hot.
by Mungenflange May 12, 2011
Feeling on your period. You are often irritated and aggravated when someone calls you it. It originated in Frisco, Texas and was first used on jmoney.
Jmoney are you a tad bit peachy today???
by dylanyankees25 September 15, 2015
referred to a little girl vag
friends were not talking about the lips on ur face
were talking the those lips between your legs.
SOMEONE come wipe my Peachy!!

Mommy why does your peachy have fuzz and my peachy doesn't ?

The little girl told her mommy her peachy hurts.

The teacher reminded her student to wipe her peachy
by AlottaFagina+HughGerrection May 16, 2011
When you're in good shape and in a reaaally good mood !
I'm peachy today !
I've had a good night's sleep... I feel beautiful... birds are singing... the sky is so blue and
I think to myself what a wonderful world !
by lois77 June 02, 2005
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