Weird; peculiar; strange
"Eleanor Roosevelt was Gay!"
"Hmmm, Peachy....."
by HyPP3rboLe March 21, 2005
Displaying or exhibiting the qualities of homosexuality.
That waiter is so goddamn peachy its despicable.
by Anonymous October 27, 2004
Peachy originates from the fruit, peach and is the term to describe someone who bruises rather easily. Peachy is always being pranked and tormented by the runts (see runt) whose make it their sole purpose to ensure peachy bruises the way that he is accustomed to. Peachy is a big fat girl - Torrance!
1. Oh my god! Look at your bruises! You big fat peachy!

2. Doronellius Portnoilithus and Raphaelues Noethesus: "Come here peachy and let us brainsqueeze you, you fat peach!"
by Doronellius Portnoilithus June 04, 2004
An inbred with serious physical/mental abnormalities
1. Mother and Father could well be related
2. Wears earings and dons cheap tattoos
3. Can't get laid anywhere other than at home with sister
by Kidz August 22, 2003
peachy is a girl who is so up to date with clothes she will buy a $80 pair of pants if they are cute. how wierd is that lol! she is so stylish yet she is a slut! jk lol
she bought a 80 dollar pair of pants at hollister how wierd! only cuz they were cute!
by ciaira March 25, 2005
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