Showing the very top of your ass crack when you lean over and your pants slide down.

Resembles the crease at the top of a peach.
Pssst! Turn around and check out that girl over there... she's totally peaching.

Kate! Pull your jeans up buddy, you're peaching like whoa.
by kapoli October 20, 2005
Top Definition
Fondling ones breasts, or to have ones breasts fondled.
Oh my god alex was peaching me soo hard!
by miamiamiamiaalex January 17, 2011
To cup (not grab, cup) someones buttocks and yell, "Peaches!" If you successfully 'peach' the person, you yell "Got 'em!" If you slap someone instead of simply peaching, it does not count as a peach and therefore you did not complete the process of 'peaching'.
Dude, Jennifer was totally peaching all the guys at your party last week.
by bailey1244559964 August 12, 2012
When a person tucks in the front of their shirt but not the back. Works better with an orange shirt and a fat person
Look at that kid, he is peaching like a bitch
by ericdennis November 23, 2009

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