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The state of being pleasantly and totally drunk.
I got right peached last night off those vodka-bar-limes and now I have a major hangover!
by papiervagin March 12, 2010
The act of being defeated, pummeled, downright destroyed, or having your world rocked by a force greater than you.
Hey, I just saw you kill that guy at basketball. Man, he got PEACHED!

Dude, you just got PEACHED at scrabble.
by Jigglypuff94 July 26, 2008
the art of ejaculating with out penile stimuli
We were just making out and i got so excited that i pulled down my pants and peached in her direction.

I just peached a little
by yellowFORD April 06, 2011
Another formed of pawned originated from the song peaches.
Dood u just go peached badly.
by xether-soul May 08, 2005
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