substitute for the less school appropriate term "penis"
widely used in coverse between bergen academy students in mass emails

a pathetic attempt of social defiance and yet an object of equally satisfying pleasure for those students whose heads are stuck in AP physics textbooks ten hours a day

trivia: rushdoony is the usual scapegoat for the aforementioned emails
I like tha paynis

rushdoony atcs 2010 did it!
by acha10rushdoony February 27, 2008
liam paynes dick; it brings pleasure and pain at the same time.
Dude, I just met a guy with a great paynis.
by cutecumber October 05, 2015
When one acquires money for something that has to do with one's penis.
Wheres my paynis, bitch!
by The paynis blaster July 31, 2010
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