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The show on History Channel that when you tell people about it they say "wait, what?". thinking that you say PORN stars.
Me: "Hey can I have the remote? Pawn Stars is coming on"
Person: "hold on, what show?"
Me: "PAWN stars"
Person: "Oh nevermind"
by ofthetower December 28, 2009
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A show on the History channel depicting the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. The characters are: Rick Harrison (bald dude, co-owner), his father "Old Man" (older guy with incoherent speech at times, co-owner), Rick's son Corey (heavyset younger guy), and Corey's friend "Chumlee" (notorious for being a mega moron, but is a fan favorite because of his screw-ups).

Even though it is a pawn shop, the show is renowned for how badly these guys rip people off for their stuff! The deals are just unbelievably bad. You'd get more at a yard sale or flea market.
Rick: "You got the original Declaration of Independence with pure gold trim around the frame?

I can do like 10 bucks."


by B-Knuck if ya Buck December 05, 2011
A TV show on the History Channel where people get ripped off on the stuff they want to sell.
Typical Pawn Stars moment:

Bob: I have the cross that Jesus died on.

Rick Harrison: You have the cross that Jesus died on, I'll give you 5 bucks.

Bob: Fuck you
by theboogyman October 22, 2013
The act of low-balling or being low balled for shit that is worth lots of money. Usually paying or getting paid 4 to 100 times less than the item being bought is worth.
Dude: I'm trying to get rid of my car. Blue book says its worth $2500.What will you give me for it?

Salesman: I will give you $25.

Dude: Dude, dont pawnstar me.
by camel & garvey June 14, 2010
1. (noun) A scripted show featuring a bald grease ball scam artist with the rest of his overweight gang. They're known for using one of two techniques to low ball every customer: If it's not very valuable, tell them it's not very valuable and no one else will buy it. Occasionally, laugh at their asking price to humiliate them. If it's very valuable, tell them they gotta make a profit
and then laugh their way down to a completely unfair price. Also infamous for their terrible morals and scripted jokes.

2. (verb) To rip someone off.
1. "So today, someone came in with what I confirmed to be among the possessions of Jesus Christ that show high possibility of the existence of God. It was super cool, and I needed to get it off him."

Nick: "So I'd like $80,000,000"
Rick: <laugh> "Yeah sorry best I can do is $10, I mean, I gotta make a profit"
Nick: "That's a little low"
Rick: <laugh> "No one else will buy it buddy"

"I was super bummed I couldn't get the deal, but maybe he'll come back knowing no one else will buy it."

Pawn Stars
by Some annoying whiner March 25, 2014
a bullshit show thats about some bald dickhead who owns a pawn shop in las vegas. he rips people off so badly. and when he does buy the shit, he cant sell it because the price is so high and far up his ass that hes probably retarded by now
person 1: i love pawn stars!

person 2: that show's fucking gay
by FUKKEN BULLSHETs December 29, 2010

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