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N. A group of Australian blokes
"So we were just there in a bar minding our own business when we were overrun by a massive paussie. Things got out of hand."

"Beware the Tzion and Banny paussie! Those guys drink till they shit."
by Nicnoc October 17, 2010
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An Aussie who's a pussy, troll, or griefer online who can't come up with any creative comebacks or generate any sort of interesting factual information Similar to a dipshit jock , applies to online griefers who are Aussies.
Guy 1: "Hey look, it's that muppet paussie Markkoh94."

Guy 2: "Ugh. He's just special in the head for griefing. What a fag."

Guy 3: "What the fuck happened to my base in Minecraft?! It's fucking ruined!"
by Markkoh94isafaglulz November 15, 2011

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