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Interj. When one sees a great pair of bazambas / bewbs / mamaries and / or amazing cleavage. Also, a nipple slip. Best said with pirate noises, ie "Rrrrarrrrr!" or "Treaaaaasure!"
Friend 1: Dude, have you seen Nicoline in that itty bitty red top today?
Friend 2: Tits ahoy, bro! Treaaaaasure! *high fives Friend 1*
by Nicnoc November 14, 2010
N. A state of post-coital exhaustion caused by excessive ejaculation such that sperm count temporarily drops to zero.
After the fifth round Teemu groaned, rolled over, and sank into sweet, cuddle-free sleep. The countdown to spermageddon began.
by Nicnoc November 22, 2010
1. A homosexual male who is a member of the ruling class or of the nobility, or one who has royal blood.

2. A gay commoner who adopts the tastes, manners and behavior of the aristocracy.
Dave is a natural gayristocrat who insisted on lodging in a Swedish castle when he toured Europe last spring.
by Nicnoc October 06, 2010
When lesbians exchange sexual favors; also performed by straight women unsatisfied by their male partners.
Elaine: Gee, Ricky doesn't really like to go down on me.
Lisa: Oh, it repels Bob as well! I just don't get it...
Elaine: Tit for twat?
Lisa: Done.
by Nicnoc June 18, 2011
N. A group of Australian blokes
"So we were just there in a bar minding our own business when we were overrun by a massive paussie. Things got out of hand."

"Beware the Tzion and Banny paussie! Those guys drink till they shit."
by Nicnoc October 17, 2010
N. A fuck buddy for whom you're starting to develop feelings. It's not just about the sex anymore, but when your relationship expands to accommodate and appreciate your fuck buddy's personality, character, tastes, etc. It's when you look at his dick and see the person it is attached to.
Laura: "It took me some time to sort this out, but I...I think I've grown to like the person attached to your dick."
Jordi: *blushing* "Oh...thanks!"
by Nicnoc October 10, 2010
N. An asshole that blocks an aisle or any other passageway
It took Eliza 20 minutes before she could reach her seat on the plane because the aislehole in 13-B took his sweet time putting his backpack, guitar, snorkeling gear, and laptop bag in the overhead compartment.

My fries are getting soggy and I just wanna punch that aislehole holding up the line in the condiments section.
by Nicnoc November 04, 2010

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