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\'pol-bāg\: to have good things happen even though you don't deserve them, you never try, you have no talent and you suck.
origin: MTV Live
"I can't believe it man, I puked on her at the club and she still came home with me." "Wow, you totally paulbagged that one."
by MTV Live November 18, 2009
A word used to describe someone who has good things happen to them but does nothing to deserve them. This word originated on the show MTV live.
"Dude that guy over there just sits on his coutch all day and dosent even have a job but somehow he has a super hot wife, What A Paul Bag.''
by Amber Jonas January 03, 2010
Hottest word of 2009
To have good things happen to you even though you don't deserve them, you never try, you have no talent and you suck.
Girl 1: Check it out I got an A!
Girl 2: You didn't even study
Girl 1: I'm not even taking the course
Girl 2: You're such a paulbag.

wow you totally paulbagged that one!
by Virgina slims November 19, 2009
From MTV

It shall be the new word of the year 2009.

It means you pretty much do nothijng but get rewarded or you do stupid stuff and sit back and relax and get rewarded.
1: Yo I totally threw up on this chick and after that she STILL came to my place after.

2:Dude, you're such a paulbagger.
by Mystery :) November 17, 2009
Someone who has little talent, does a half job at everything, but is still very successful

Coined on the popular Canadian Television show, MTV Live, where said "Paulbag", is popular host, Paul Lemieux.
"Dude, I didn't even need to put some moves on that girl and she totally came home with me" "Nice, you Paulbagged her!"

"That guy shows up for work 2 hours late, never shaves, eats like a pig on the job, but STILL get payed more than I do. What a Paulbag"
by Rosenburger November 19, 2009

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