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A half of a hand job. Usually happens when the girl realizes half way through that she doesn't want anything to do with your disgusting penis, so she goes home instead. Often the male at the wrong end of this technique will come up with excuses in order for his friends to not look down on him, such as "when you have a chick squeezing on your dick it's not pleasurable."
Poor Adam, only able to get a half job.
by Billy McPhereson December 10, 2004
A halfway done handjob, or giving a job without finishing the poor guy off. Usually performed by a tease.
Guy: Dude, my girlfriend was giving me a handjob and then fell asleep and I had to finish myself.
Guy 2: Halfjobs suck ass.
by anonymouslyss May 15, 2008
A painful, unsatisfying and never ending hand job. This is due to the fact the the girl administering it has no idea what she is doing and it always ends in you saying stop or her giving up.
"Yo dude how was that girl last night"?
"It sucked all I got was a half-job"
by FuckYouErik October 29, 2011
when a female puts sexual images into a mans mind while he masturbates, almost a hand job but not quite
i got a half job last night
by awesome24678 October 13, 2010
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