by Whore-a-sarus October 18, 2014
A sexy boy who likes to eat pie and has a cheeky dog called Flambambony. He likes big tummys because it means they have food and he likes food. All the girls love him and nibble his nose
Billybob: 'Oh my gosh, it's God!'
Tillytot: 'No, that's Patrick. But their sexiness is easily mistaken'
Billybob: 'WOAH!'
by pquinn May 27, 2012
A faggot who calls girls who don't date him a hoe and the one guy who gets roasted in chat. Likes to talk about kids
Do you know Patrick?
The guy who got roasted in chat?
by Levelup472 May 08, 2016
The one acquaintance who is hated by the circle of friends. This acquaintance has low social awareness by not understanding that he is a right cunt.
Guy A: "Who? Patrick?"
Guy B: "Fucking Patrick."
Guy A: "Fuck that guy."
Guy B: "Yeah, fuck that guy."
Guy C: "Right?!"
by no_name_bitches January 04, 2016
A Patrick has a great sence of humor and always has a strange desire to take of his pants while talking to girls. Patrick is also someone that has big man titties.
We need a Patrick to tell us a good joke
by Moonlightbae123 April 21, 2016
Patrick is usually fucking dumb-ass. And can't hold a goddamn pencil without flinging it like ape shit. He is the kind of guy to make jokes about AIDS then not know what AIDS is. Also the type of of guy to say whales are for girls, and other nonsensical sentences. He may be that one guy who is so homophobic he might as well be sucking my non-existing-pee-pee. Patrick is also very extremely racist and will jump at any opportunity to be an asshole to anyone who isn't a white cis american christian male.
"Patrick makes me want to sacrifice someone to Satan, namely him."
"I know dude I want to defenestrate someone because of him!"
by Patrick_Douche_666 April 11, 2016
1. A cute, loveable, sweet, man hunk that if you ever let go of, you'll regret.
2. One of the sweetest gay gingers you'll ever meet
3. The type of gay guy that everyone is shocked when he comes out of the closet, despite showing hundreds of signs, which causes more girls to ask him out than usual.
4. Type of guy that every girl and guy loves to flirt with. Half the time, he's oblivious. It makes it so much fun, because he's so much more cute that way!
5. Irish and likely Scottish name, commonly given to males. A Saint has this name.
1. Jack: I think Patrick just broke up with me....
Lorraine: Really? Boy, you lost a damn nice piece of ass!
2. 3. Audrey: I wish Patrick was straight, I mean, he's so sweet!
Patricia: He's gay? My god, how'd that happen?
Rory: Patricia, it's like he tells everyone, "He's always been gay"
Audrey: Time to add that to the list of girls that think Patrick's straight
2. 3. 4. Jasmine: I just flirted with Patrick!
Adam: Really, how did it go?
Jasmine: He thought I was just being friendly.
Adam: How so?
Jasmine: When I tried to kiss him, he told me he just wants to be friends.
Adam: Why? You're a great girl!
Jasmine: He told me he's gay...
Adam: Really? I better go get some of that!
by entertwinedTangents June 20, 2011
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