In English, a man's name meaning "a patrician, or a noble".

Some folks name their kids Patrick because of their Irish background, or after Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

Patricks range from the super athletic (such as Patrick Eaves) to the theatrical elite (such as Patrick Swayze) to great political thinkers (such as Patrick Pearse).

Patrick can be shortened to Pat and Paddy, and can be feminized as Patty, Pat, or Patricia. There are over three dozen different translations for the name.

Patrick is an iconic name for the Irish people, especially the Irish men, though Russians, Dutchmen, and others who aren't necesarily Irish or Irish-related have been named Patrick, too.

Interestingly, the accredited source of the name, Saint Patrick, wasn't Irish at all! He was actually a Roman citizen of Britain.
There have been several PATRICKs throughout history. Saint Patrick was a great Scottish missionary, Patrick Pearse wrote plays and supported the Easter Rising, and Paddy Bradley's an Irish footballer.

As for me, Patrick, I hope to become a great actor and singer. Maybe even a writer or director.
by GenghisKhan44 August 18, 2009
Someone you can count on always making you smile. One that will love you unconditionally no matter the situation. He will pick you up when you are feeling down. Easy to talk to. Sweetest person that you will grow more in love with more and more everyday. Amazing in every single way and form. Someone that you can count on making you laugh and smile any minute of the given day. Super good looking! Is a Sexy beast! Is very romantic, but also can come out freaky, in a good way. Completely and absolutely amazing.Period.
girl comes home from a tough day from work and school...
logs into her account to see that Patrick had written a long letter saying how much he loves her...and then she falls asleep with the biggest smile on her face.
by Stary eyed September 06, 2011
A baller soccer player with smarts. An all around sexy beast. Faster than lightning, and smarter than Einstein.
Dude it's the legendary Patrick!!!
by Patrick123 January 17, 2008
A pink starfish that is Spongebob's best friend.
He is also one of Spongebob's neighbors, along with Squidward.
he isn't very intelligent, but he had knowledge in the study of wumbology.
Patrick: Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Squidward: no Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument.
by Nobody here May 03, 2015
The Massive Bastard
'Patrick is The Massive Bastard'

'Patrick's Massive Bastards: For the portlier gentleman'
by Ribenaface May 16, 2011

by Whore-a-sarus October 18, 2014
the most attractive and handsome person in the whollleeeeee world. no one is more perfect than him. he is so sweet and everything anyone could ever ask for.
patrick, i love you
by courtneyratttt May 21, 2015
See 'cunt' in regular dictionary.
Susan: "What happened to all the goddamn hot dogs?"
Stuart: "Patrick ate all of them."
Susan: "That fucking cunt."
by sooooooo many dicks April 02, 2015

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