In English, a man's name meaning "a patrician, or a noble".

Some folks name their kids Patrick because of their Irish background, or after Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

Patricks range from the super athletic (such as Patrick Eaves) to the theatrical elite (such as Patrick Swayze) to great political thinkers (such as Patrick Pearse).

Patrick can be shortened to Pat and Paddy, and can be feminized as Patty, Pat, or Patricia. There are over three dozen different translations for the name.

Patrick is an iconic name for the Irish people, especially the Irish men, though Russians, Dutchmen, and others who aren't necesarily Irish or Irish-related have been named Patrick, too.

Interestingly, the accredited source of the name, Saint Patrick, wasn't Irish at all! He was actually a Roman citizen of Britain.
There have been several PATRICKs throughout history. Saint Patrick was a great Scottish missionary, Patrick Pearse wrote plays and supported the Easter Rising, and Paddy Bradley's an Irish footballer.

As for me, Patrick, I hope to become a great actor and singer. Maybe even a writer or director.
by GenghisKhan44 August 18, 2009
Sometimes lovely and beautiful, sometimes not so much. He can be a real dogcatcher, especially when he loses hope. But if you believe in him (even after he calls you an 'angry little elf'), he will be the man you think he can become. You want him to be happy, with or without you.
Girl 1: Who's the cute dude slumming in dogwoods?

Girl 2: Oh, that's Patrick. He doesn't really know that he's cute though.
by yummygurl July 06, 2011
pa-trik noun.

A sweet, caring, understanding, loyal Australian man with a great heart. Patrick is one of the most amazing and sincere people you will ever meet.
You will be extremely lucky to have this romantic, charming, handsome and extremely hot photographer in your life. Both his good looks and his height are impressive, as well as his tender and deep voice which will melt any girl's heart.
His dedication and love for his girlfriend are admirable, causing her to be ready to do anything for him and adore him more than anything in the world.
On Valentine's Day, Patrick is deserving of a public declaration of your love, and so much more.
by serendipity21 February 06, 2013
He's good at everything he does and he knows it. Has his sh*t together and expects the same of others. He's sexy, strong, smart and freakin' fearless. He loves to shoot and hunt and rarely misses his target. He's a little bit country and a lot James Bond. Don't mess with him because he'll straighten your ass out before you ever even see him coming. He loves his guns, his bike, his beer and his woman...and not necessarily in that order... You would want him for your bodyguard, in and out of bed.

"That dude Patrick is good at everything...he's a freakin' American Superhero"
by GirlSupply February 05, 2010
The term used when someone is a real bamf or player, someone who is known for getting all the girls and providing them with extreme pleasure. this person will stand out because he is also too legit to quit.
Dude when i was done screwing my chick she said "woa chill out there you where a real PATRICK last night"
by cockasuarusrex March 09, 2010
Most perfect guy ever. No questions. He's awkward and a little shy, but he's the sweetest and most thoughtful person in the world. He brings out the absolute best in people. He knows the exact words to make anyone feel better. He might not be the strongest, most athletic guy ever, but he definitely is adorable and more than amazing. Whoever ends up with Patrick should never regret it.
Patrick asked me out!
He's weak.
But he calls me beautiful everyday.
by youonlyliveninetimes April 19, 2012
He is so much better than any guy ive met or any other girl he's met. He makes the girl feel so much better about herself. He's all around funny, and never puts a girl down. But dont piss him off he will literally kill you.
Girl 1-Yeah he was like feeling all up on me.
Girl 2-He was ?! Dont tell Patrick.

Patrick-Oh fuck im going to kick his ass !!
by Katie Webb April 18, 2010
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