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The holiday of Passover celebrates the time
when G-D passed of the houses of the Egyptian people
and killed their first born's. It also celebrates
the time when the Jews left Egypt.

On Passover you may not eat bread.
When is Passover?
Where are you going for passover?
by Raphael2222 March 23, 2008
A Jewish Holiday celebrating the Jewish
People being saved by Mordechai and Esther from
Haman. Costumes include fasting (not eating)
the day before, giving two pieces of food to
at least 2 people, dressing up in costumes,
Reading the Megillah (scroll of the story of purim),
Drinking some Alcohol.
When is Purim?
What did you dress up as on Purim?

by Raphael2222 March 23, 2008
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