Quasi-Sentinent being placed on Earth to make Nicole Richie appear to be a great actress
Paris Hilton: "Nicole is not my fried."
CUT! Take two!
Paris Hilton: "Nicole is not my fiend."
CUT! Take three!
Paris Hilton: "Nicholas is not my friend."
CUT! Take four!
Paris Hilton: "Nicole is my friend."
CUT! Take five!
Paris Hilton: "Nicole is my not friend."
CUT! Dub it. Can I have sex with you?
Paris Hilton: "Totally!"
by Xriva March 03, 2006
an unnattractive slut who is commonly mistaken as being gorgeous and talented. inherited shitloads of money from her father and hasnt done an honest days worth of work in her life. has a clothing line for sluts like her, and is noted mostly for her sex tape in which she screwed some random guy, stopping only to answer her phone. inarticulate,unintelligent, poorly spoken and scantilly clad, basically white trailer trash plus billions of dollars. only other dumb sluts who are as brainless as she is idolize her, claiming that she is accomplished and talented as she wrote a moronic book and has a clothing line for dogs. is seen as "hot" only because she dresses like a prostitute and is easy. anyone who "disses" her is instantly labeled as being fat and ugly, and jealous.
see cumdumpster.
paris hilton is ugly, stupid, and untalented, never done a days work in her life and never will, embodies everything that is wrong with america.
by jls83 January 04, 2006
A self-absorbed, narcissistic, shallow, materialistic, stupid, uneducated, fake, racist whore who happens to have money.
People are so dumb, they actually idolize that Paris Hilton whore.
by Cindy Lou September 04, 2005
A pathetic excuse for a human, much less for an aristocrat. A scrawny, towheaded, false-tanned, attention-grabbing imbecile who defecates all over her dignity in order to be noticed.
A vapid run-of-the mill dyed-blonde bimbo who can't even speak her own language properly, is famous simply for her family's money and for her sex-life (as well as for her so-called "beauty"), has not done a thing to earn her fame and does not deserve a penny of her fortune.
A failed abortion/miscarriage who gulps and bathes in the semen of the pitifully desperate males who find her attractive enough to screw, has no respect for herself (much less for those of lower social status), is an absolute redneck, and can insert a redwood log into her gaping vagina.
And those who claim that Paris Hilton's detractors are "gelous/jalous/jellous" (the correct spelling being "jealous"), what is there to be jealous of? This mooching slut has money and "fame", yes, but where is her talent? Where is her dignity? Where is her intellect? She has none of these.
by Lorelili November 12, 2006
an ungrateful, ludicrous, disgusting, unnatractive, bored and sexually active member of the "Hilton" clan. One of the heirs of the Hilton hotel fortune.
Paris Hilton stole a copy of her sex tape from a street vendor claiming her young fans "came by there all the time".
by Olive March 16, 2005
Possibly the ugliest bitch on Earth, that for some reason Hollywood has deemed attractive. Looks like she weighs about 75 pounds and is notoriously slutty.
Paris Hilton is without a doubt one of the fugliest people on Earth.
by Adrian April 14, 2006
Easily the most annoying celebrity out there;
Random 12 year old: "Paris Hilton is my idol."
Me: *punch in face*
by Drowning Instructor November 26, 2005

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