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Someone who is famous for doing nothing. A clear example of the spoiled preppy girl. A walking stick with no butt, breasts or anything. Super slutty person that has sex and everyone in the world sees it. She is a clear example of the White trash syndromme.
Just watch TV daily, she's everywhere!!
by Eggy_Chuck55 June 03, 2005
The most hilarious show on VH1. A bunch of D-list celebratities crticize and make fun of the previous week. The make a lot of funny comments about A-list celebraties.
You got to see VH1's I love the 90 series. It is similar to Best Week Ever.
by Eggy_Chuck55 June 10, 2005
To demand a slap in your ass. What your mother does to you when you have been a naughty boy.
Ex 1: Please, slap my ass!!!

Ex 2: Erick I'm going to slap your ass, because you stayed out past midnight.
by Eggy_Chuck55 June 09, 2005
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