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A stupid ass white girl who thot it would be fun to watch herself have sex on video!! HOW DUMB!! Wat was the point off that??

" I'm Paris Hilton. I'm a dumb ass white girl who recorded herself had sex."

She's a Paris*or Hilton*

shouting down hall:


writting a note and u feel in a pissy mood and wana insult your friends. Write:

Paris Hilton.
...but make sure they dont go to urban dictionary.
by Kaleema April 05, 2005
Kaleema means a very smart intelegentgil who everyone loves andif she died, theworld would mourn. It would be a great lose. Therefore I will kill myself momentarouly.
The would be heaven if it was filled with Kaleemas.

Kaleema WAS the greatest person on earth.

Naomi is afucking retard!!
by Kaleema February 28, 2005
A person who is dumb, stupid, skanky, rich, and horny. Is also a person who is rude and cares little about other people besides her slut ass best friend.

I feel sry for people with the man Nicole.
Look at the Nicole

Shes so a Nicole!

*yelling down hallway* NICOLE!
by Kaleema April 05, 2005
A person who has an IQ of -123 and who looks upto her sister and is so dumb that she married Nick and stayed with him. He secretly cheats on her with me!!
She's a jessica simpson
by Kaleema February 28, 2005
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