A united group of soccer moms who's lack of intelligience makes them think that it's the TV networks -as well as the countries- repsonsibility to censor what THEIR kids are watching, when their dumb butts should know that it's their own damn fault if they catch their kids watching a TV-MA program on Comedy Central at 11:00p.m.
The Parents Television Council is a bunch of bitchy television nazis who want to make the lives of other miserable while making their own kids miserable.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e August 31, 2006
Top Definition
Media Watchdog group which claims to be non-partisan composed of bored housewives who drink their daily glass of wine a day who believe that they themselves should not parent their children, but in fact, the major networks should. L. Brent Bozell III, the founder, also heads up a similarly non-partisan organization which watches the news networks looking to prove a liberal bias trying to destroy this country, and is against all gay rights.
We, the Parents Television Council are highly opposed to the nudity contained within Grand Theft Auto. Before we thought it was simply a tool to teach the children about Black culture, but now we've learned it's just filth.
by Talvin July 20, 2005
The worst people on the planet. They are comparable to the grease on the floor of gas station bathrooms. They think the Government, TV Networks, and everyone else should take care of their kids, except them. They bitch and file their "FCC Indecency Complaints" every time Saturday Night Live accidentally airs an uncensored "Fuck" after Midnight, because "Their Children Are Watching".
" Getting hate mail from the Parents Television Council is like getting hate mail from Hitler. They're literally horrible people."- Seth MacFarlane
by upsideup October 11, 2009
Nazi organization of soccer momsand conservatives. Hell bent on repealing the 1st amendment and illegalizing(sic)
any form of media that isn't about pink bunnies and ponies.
Hate video games also and try get any anti game legislation passed. Dis any show that mocks Christianity or promotes homosexuality.
Are people actually dumb enough to believe the shit that comes outta the Parents Television Council?
by Disgruntled Gamer January 26, 2008
A website that I use to determine which shows are the best. The shows that the PTC whines the most about are clearly worth watching, and the ones that they give their seal of approval to are to be avoided at all costs.

They are currently ranked 'World-Class' in their whining abilities.
So, Parents Television Council, why do you whine about shows that are on at 9pm, when kids have already gone to sleep? Why do you have such an unhealthy obsession with Seth MacFarlane?
by EvilDash0 November 04, 2010
A conservative organization that monitors the content of television shows in order to determine which ones are okay to let their children watch. While many complain that they are trying to infringe upon free speech, they are actually performing a very valuable service. You can figure out how good any given show is by how low they rate it.
I learned that 'Family Guy' is a really good show based on the very low rating that the parent's television council gave it.
by rustyshackleford August 07, 2007
Gays in denial
Hey, have you heard about the Parents Television Council?

Yeah, they hate on shows with sexual themes because even though they don't have any children at all. They're just gays in denial and hate being reminded of it.
by Classic_For_Real December 18, 2010
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