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an old~time Fancy umbrella, maybe with lace & highly decorated; it's used to shield oneself from the sun or as part of a fancy dress~up outfit.
I Love seeing the parasol designs of Olden days~So beautiful & I'd sure use one!
by Starchylde June 11, 2015
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A tool used to protect stupid people from invisible rain. It is most commonly used in hot weather. Usually, the hotter the weather, the more likely it is to spot someone using one. If you do, please yell, "It's not raining, ya douchenozzle!"
Oh, dear--is it raining nothing again? Better get my parasol out to protect me from the invisible rain that only stupid people can see.
by Jaack August 17, 2007
A faggoty little umbrella that soft cocks carry around to protect themselves from the "Oh, so harmful" sun.
"Oh, be a darling, m'dearest and fetch me my parasol so I can procede to shove my head up my arse in the sun where everyone can see"
by 1337h4xx00rz August 13, 2006
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