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A tool used to protect stupid people from invisible rain. It is most commonly used in hot weather. Usually, the hotter the weather, the more likely it is to spot someone using one. If you do, please yell, "It's not raining, ya douchenozzle!"
Oh, dear--is it raining nothing again? Better get my parasol out to protect me from the invisible rain that only stupid people can see.
by Jaack August 17, 2007
not steak (NOT-stake)

noun. something that is definitely not steak, but claims to be. It may be in some way associated with steak, but it is definetely not steak. If you see something that claims it is steak, when it clearly is not, alert everyone in the room, and discard of the object. If you come in contact with a person who claims to be steak, steal their wristwatch and sell it to a Chinese merchant.
THAT'S NOT STEAK! Seriously! It isn't! Just look at it! My father left me when I was a young boy. I just want someone to love me.
by Jaack August 17, 2007
randomish (RAND-em-ish)

adj. Something that is mostly irrelevant, but not completely. When someone says something randomish, they aren't that random, but they are, or maybe not. Yeah, actually, they are--but not a hundred percent random.
We were talking about baby rape the other night when Adolf tried to change the subject with this randomish remark. OW! My toe!
by Jaack August 17, 2007
1.) A mysterious, unidentified object that appears out from the vagina on rare occasions. It comes in a variety of colors, but generally has a polka-dot hue. It is bumpy, and has the same texture as silly putty, although very difficult to shape or form.

2.) A person who is or acts annoying and rude, usually significantly more rude or annoying than most assholes, shit heads, or jerk-offs.
1.) If you start to eject puss nuggets more frequently than normal, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

2.) What a puss nugget!
by Jaack August 17, 2007
A noise that a retarded turkey makes, then makes a two-second video of it and puts it on youtube.
I saw this retarded turkey at the state fair that made this noise like "hawja hawja ha-hawja." I have to pee, can you hold my baby for a second? Thanks, I'll be right back.
by Jaack August 17, 2007
shaniepooz (shay-nee-pooz)

verb. A rare occurence when one sneezes with such force that is causes them to defacate. The noise it creates is kinda the noise a dog whistle makes, only more like a tamborine being smashed in half while stepping on a midget.
The other day, the guy sitting next to me on the subway shaniepoozed all over me, and now I can't move my legs. But that wont stop me from fuffiling my dream of becoming a racecar driver! Oh, shit! I forgot to turn the stove off before I left the house. I think i'm going to shaniepooz myself back over there! Viva la revolucion! *giggle*
by Jaack August 17, 2007
zinker (ZEEN-kur)

noun. A painful swelling around the pleebs on the vagina. It prevents urine, puss nuggets, and babies from coming out.
Guess what, girlfriend! I got a zinker last night, so when I use my dildo, it stings really bad! AWESOME! iloveyou.. :3
by Jaack August 17, 2007
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