Sort of something, but not quite.
Paramilitary; sort of military
Paramedic; sort of a medic
by Kevinn January 27, 2007
1. A state in nothern Brazil mostly covered with rainforest.

2. A unit of Serbian or Yugoslavian currency. The word means money in this context.

3. Ancient Finnish household spirits who appear in the shape of a cat, snake, hare, or frog. Typically mischievous, stealing things and moving them around.

4. Also para is a affix meaning beyond, near to, or simular to; such as paranormal, parakeet, or paratroopers.
1. Pará has a territory covered mostly by jungle, covering a vast area of the Amazon Rainforest.

2. A para is one hundredth of a dinar.

3. The para stole my apple pie!

4. Peter is a paranormal parakeet paratrooper!
by OneBadAsp November 03, 2006
The biggest bagoon in the history of the Counter-Strike series.
Haha look at that lowskiller, what a Para!
by Para TM November 20, 2013
is when you have had so much to drink that you feel paraletic
fuck rachel was so para last night, she was off her face
by FOB AT HEART September 22, 2009
1. An admin on MuggleNet Chat.

2. A global moderator on MuggleNet Chat.

3. A friend of everybody on MNC.

4. A tall Indian lad that is currently residing in Canada. He is a college student and barely has time to talk to anybody anymore.

5. An Indian with an iPhone.
Cody: Hey, did you see that?
Paras: What?
Cody: Nevermind, it was you.
by NotCodyAtAllever September 08, 2009
The word "paranoid" in short form.
"Hey man, don't be so para! No cops are shining a light into this house from out of the street!!"
by February 04, 2008
paranoid(short way to say instead of sayin it all) it defines the sentence but u dont say it as paranoid the person u talk to has to undastan the sentence
"why u keep turnin round dis girl/guy is on para"
by lateifah July 30, 2005

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