Not good enough Not up to standards Not up to par
I'm not up to par boo friggin hoo I'm gonna cry waaaaa waaaaa
by Unsweetened LoVerr February 03, 2008
1- If One Is A Par, Then One Is Known As An Unclean Scumbag. A Par Is Seen As The Underclass and Having No Sense Of Hygene Or Personality.
Tam- "Wee Jimmy Was At The Dunfermline Game At The Weekend"

Kev- "Aye, He's A Right Wee Par"
by Euan Connelly February 28, 2009
To par someone means to hit them/ beat them up
Boy: That boys linking your sister!
Friend: Come lets par him
by Parinator August 29, 2009
even with...same as....
You can't par with me...
by Jah Lani August 15, 2005
Golf term. Between a bogey and a birdie.
Oooh... that was almost a birdie!
by Arran January 03, 2005
derived from golfing slang, it means something standard or good
"this song is Par"
"that girl is Par"
by Parman June 08, 2009
a slang term for cocaine. for some reason this term is only known in Michigan. for waht fuckin reason i dont kno. par goes up your nose and sits on your brain. how awesome. also if you are in the sparta area you might wanna find a lil dude called Quallude. grams ounces pounds keys eigths balls whatthe fuck ever you need. purple to green to tan to white to brown to holy shit i think thats it
"hey yo, quallude hoook it up with some par."
by ternt July 13, 2005

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