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When a bureaucracy reaches a level of red tape such that it runs in a full circle.

Usually involving a lot of "not my department" and ending, after much effort, back where one began in the process.

This occurs at such a level that not only does it benefit no-one, but it actually costs everyone in the chain.

The term derives from the subjective feeling of unnecessary, nonsensical paperwork actually crushing your chest like a weight, effecting breathing.
1. "Government made emergency funds available for a crisis,

but the b*tches are still paperweighting me; Ima bout t kills a b*atch"

2. Phone call-Line-form-line-phone call-"Charlene"-office in person-line-processing-ID required-lost-relodge-office-line-phone-form-online form-deletion for reapply form-months delay-enquiry form-phone-"Charlene-form..."
by DrJJRhc February 13, 2013
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