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the leader of the smurfs
did you see papa smurf? he's a pimp!
by BlondesRfunny May 01, 2007
86 33
When a girl is giving head and you shove it down her throat so hard that she can't breathe, then you plaster your white cum on her blue face and viola!!!! Its Papa Smurf!!!!
I pulled the ol' papa smurf on your mom the other night, your dad was laughing his ass off.
by Polar Bear December 05, 2004
317 156
A little blue fuck that likes to have his ass licked by bitches.
Papa Smurf, can I lick your ass?
Yeah, lick my ass, bitch!
by Tonysharp5643 October 06, 2010
32 19
1. A main character from 'The Smurfs'.

2. An abnormally short person.
1. My favourite cartoon character is papa smurf.


Lou: Man, Georgia is so short! She's a papa smurf.
by The Anonymous Corporation April 30, 2010
22 16
A blue man that walks around and takes advantage of kiddie smurff's.2)Is the mac dady of all smurf's 3)loves to take it in the ass from other smurf's
PapaSmurf loves the Cock
by Hammer9121 January 12, 2009
11 6
When you ejaculate on someone's face and then choke them until they turn blue.
Dude I totally Papa Smurfed Liz last night. She's into that shit.
by Beulo June 29, 2009
46 42
A wise and noble figure who sets very high standards.
Papa Smurf is very disappointed in Ted Shaw for being such a pussy
by LeaderofPJFGary July 23, 2011
22 19