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When a male and female show extreme affection for one another using their... ehem... mouths and other parts of their body, trying different positions, different forms and experimenting in public. For most cases, it is done at a Panera Bread infront of everyone, but... it can be done anywhere with a bench like a park.
If you see 2 people 'kissing,' and you do not think children should see it, it is paneraing
by S&T Productions July 08, 2012
Panera-ing -(V.)- To go to panera; to eat at panera; to live for panera; to think about panera; to enjoy panera; to crave panera; to breathe panera.
Isabel-"Hey, are we panera-ing after the soccer game today?"

Jessie-"TOTES! jessie need food ;D"
Isabel-*runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off* then screams "YAY"
by jessieisabeast May 16, 2011
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