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Good hot gossip. Still warm from the oven, and still fresh in the mind of the person dispensing it. Not day old stale gossip where the gossiper has forgot some of the subtle details that makes gossip so satisfying.
I overheard a conversation where person A was upset because person B was dishing out juicy gossip, and person A was asking basic question about the information being shared. Person B because she waited so long to share the gossip had forgotten many of the details, and in her discust with person A told her "don't be mad because your not getting fresh bread.
by dehubb133 August 23, 2008
When your long trail IPA is down to about 1/3, yell "Fresh Bread", drop in your shot of Jager, and proceed to chug.
"Marc was so wasted last night, probably from all that Fresh Bread"
by Gangstafresh December 27, 2012
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