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Using Pandora to look up a band that you are not familiar with, but clearly everyone else is in hopes no one calls you out for being a tool.
Hipster 1: Dude, have you heard of The Solids?
Hipster 2: No dude.
Hipster 1: Dude! You've got to check them out!
Hipster 2: I'll go Pando them right now, dude!
Hipster 1: Duuuuuuuuude.
by Faux Hipster November 19, 2010
3 4
1)Term Used to describe a male panda in the "spanish street language".
2)Also used when calling someone a homosexual.
1)Mama: Mira ese es un pando

hija: oh wow que bonito y gordito

2)Tom: hey yo holmes look at that pando

Tim: ye hes a homo lets beat him up

Tom: naw let him go,
by hatetheV8 May 27, 2009
5 8
1. To masturbate
2. A choccolate croissant
1. Dude i just had the best pando, pass the tissues
2. I like a pando for breakfast, say now
by no December 12, 2003
11 16
Any clueless moron! If you rolled his brain down the edge of a sharp razor blade, it would be similar to rolling an atom down the center of a 10 lane highway. One who is like a fan: blows on one side and sucks on the other side!
Hey Mr. President (W), quit acting like a pando all the time!
by Rosie December 05, 2003
9 14
The lowest form of life on planet earth. Makes a douche bag look intelligent! Blows dead Japs on the Burma Road. Eats shit sandwiches.
Pardon me...I have to take a pando!
by Nada February 15, 2004
11 20