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A silicon experiment gone wrong
Pamela Anderson is a whore.
by xGiveMeAllYourPoisonsx October 12, 2007
A pair of walking boobs.
"And on the last week, thousands of people have reported that the former actress Pamela Anderson has turned invisble, and only her boobs can be seen from any angle"
by bleedingchrist November 15, 2006
A blonde..dumb...slut..thats to old to pose nude..and that practically eats silicone for breakfast
Tommy Lee: wut r u having for breakfast?
Pamela Anderson:I'll have sum silicone..my boobs are lokkin a little on th "34D" side
by Jennicka September 20, 2005
An average woman before her breasts were weaponized. Became the well-known sperm depository of Tommy Lee.
Guy: Have you seen Barb Wire with Pamela Anderson?

Guy 2: What?

Guy: Action movie with the jubilees...

Guy 2: Hell yeah!
by Doomy_McDoomdoom August 06, 2008
an attractive woman who was the number one cure for male impotence throughout the 1990s.
Pamela Anderson is better than Viagra!
by Samantha Fox October 24, 2007
A skank who is more than 50% plastic and had boobs packed with plastic crap just to seem more sexy, but in reality it made her even more ugly .
Pamela Anderson walks by...
Person 1: OH MY GOD! Did i just see a real barbie slut ?!
Person 2: No you dumbass, its just a slut.
by tiffany March 06, 2005
Canadian-born actress who is approximately 20 years younger, 20 times more popular, and has approximately 1/20th the IQ of Pamela Reed (Ahnold's partner in "Kindergarten Cop").
The main difference between Pamela Anderson and Pamela Reed is that Canadians actually like Pamela Reed.
by Doki Doki Attack! October 27, 2009