Gave me hepititus c
You can look but u betta not touch.
by john June 02, 2004
A beautiful blonde woman who grew up in Canada. She was discovered in a stadium when the camera passed by her. The crowd cheered for the camera to film her again because she was so beautiful. She earned her fame on Baywatch, but she is also notable for a home video she privately made with her husband, Tommy Lee. They never intended for the video be released, but it was stolen and ended up being the highest sold pornographic video ever. She is a vegetarian and an avid member of PETA, for whom she has posed in advertisements to dissaude people from purchasing fur.
Pamela Anderson is a role model for young women and one of the most beautiful women in the world!!
by JESSSICAAA March 07, 2006
A plastic filled bitch with no respect of people who may or may not have a fur/fake fur coat.A flip who will screw any thing to get to the top and has.A girl who gets involved with guys and ruins their lives. A nasty bitch with hepatitus and the notion that she's beautiful.
Look at pam she is so nasty, watch out she's dirty.
by kelly R. August 09, 2004
has a very nice rack (see boobs)
(see also
by ryan dolan November 09, 2003
a disgusting, freak of nature barbie doll-come-to-life with disporportionately large tits, a skanky face, and the most atrotious hair in the world. does this creature not have any pride? i have no idea why men want to fuck her when it is so obvious that everything about her is plastic, but then again i am a girl so how would i know.
pamela's breast implants popped, and she will die. this is the truth, and i think it is funny.
by Tinkerbelll February 22, 2004
Fugly whore packed with plastic.
"There goes the walking cellulite."
by Shea July 16, 2004
The most fuckin hot bitch in the world. Her tits are as big as her ego. Anybody lucky enough to bang her has seen heaven.
Damn! I wish my girlfriends tits were as big as fuckin Pamela Anderson's.
by NamroG April 24, 2007
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