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n. A word that enhances the beauty of fluffy-good pancakes much more than actually saying 'pancakes'.
I loves me some pamcakes. Garcong! Pamcakes!
by Robert Akins June 02, 2004
The rather curious act of making out with anyone you meet, but never sleeping with them, often stopping the action when things get too close to intercourse.

Also known as a make out slut .
Friend 1: "Sorry I'm late for work...I was up late all night with that French guy I met yesterday"

Friend 2: "That's gross...I don't want to hear about your sex life"

Friend 1: "Oh, we didn't have sex, I just kicked him out when he tried to put his hand down my pants"

Friend 2: "Wow...poor guy. You really shouldn't have pamcaked him like that! :("
by cobblepot November 11, 2010
Also: pamcake, pam-cake, Pam Cake.

(verb) To trample, stampede, or run over a female cheerleader.

(noun) A cheerleader who is suddenly trampled, especially if stampeded by the football team.

Term comes from Season 3 Episode 4 of 1000 Ways to Die.
(verb) That cheerleader pyramid didn't see the errant pass headed their way, so they got pamcaked by the wide receiver and both safeties.

(noun) Suzy was trampled by the whole team when she did a split in front of the banner, so now we call her Pam Cake.
by Nunuv Yabizness October 02, 2011
Neologism started by a group of starcraft players (mostly of T.H. Rogers origin) at Bellaire High in Houston, Texas.

It is mostly used as a verb to mean "do badly", "fail", or just generally make stupid mistakes. It can also be used as a noun.

Pamcake is most frequently used when playing video games to describe a stupid action made by someone.
Verb: Stop pamcaking Andrew, you haven't killed a single person this entire scrim.

Noun: Jeez, Cheney got a 4 on the reading quiz, what a pamcaker.
by Yan L April 28, 2005
A copyrighted word used to describe cakes made from candy bars by PAMCAKES, INC. a Florida-based company that creates custom candy cakes for all occasions and ships them internationally
Pamcakes are great custom candy cakes for gifts, centerpieces or dessert to help celebrate any occasion.
by ed brondo June 21, 2008
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