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the spanish word for a palm tree

a portugese last name (sounds sexy)

"Me gusta la palma en mi casa"
I like the palm tree in my house

Yo soy erotico/a Palma
I am sexy Palma
by Smooches24 March 25, 2009
a city on the Spanish island of Mallorca where virtually any sort of crazy shit can happen. Living here is similar to being on MTV's Real World or Jersey Shore, but better because it's Spain.
Dude, I'm studying abroad in Palma de Mallorca next year!" "Chaval, that's awesome, you'll probably die or be so embarrased. Don't forget to go to Aqua Bar.
by et33 January 13, 2011
A type of cigar used for rolling marijuana
Dutchmaster Palmas , Game 'Slow Burning Palmas'
by njblunts August 26, 2010

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