Palm, is orginated from the term "palm tree" (the acualtal tree) but in this situation, it is used a slang for "tree"

bassicly Palm is short for tree, and 'palm tree' has the word tree, in it. so the word is shortended to PALM same meaning as the slang term "LOUD" loud, meaning, amazing, weed,

it means sum bomb tree
"Ey bruh watchu got in tha sachel" -B
" you knoe i got tha palm up here from the rich" - tim

" Ey bra .. u got thtt palm ?." -Rizzo
"bruh. ive got thtt loud mutha' fukin palm" - tim
by swaggedmac May 21, 2012
(N.): Long reed-like structures held at Mass on Palm Sunday in anticipation of the Post-Easter Season (Ordinary Time), then later converted into whips to beat children and siblings with, and then burned to make ashes for Ash Wednesday, and placed on our foreheads to remind us that it is only 40 more days till the palm process will begin anew.
I was so psyched to go to Mass last Sunday cuz now i got this cool palm to beat my brother with if he ever touches my stuff.
by Jabzerk June 16, 2009
a chill word for high five
hey broski give me some palms *proceed to give high five*
by showing pig October 05, 2011
A term used to refer to a caucasian person because they are the same color as the inside of your hand or palm.
That palm needs a tan because she is as light as the bottom of my foot.

My best friend is a palm.

Give me five on the palm hand side.

Every palm wants to be a nicholas.
by Palm Reader July 15, 2008
1.An insulting name for a English person. Often only used by other British peoples, IE Irish, Scottish etc.
IRISH: Look at that limey palm bastard!
SCOTTISH: Aye, palms are almost as bad as yanks.
IRISH: Right, tho I wouldn't go that far.
SCOTTISH: Aye, crossed the line thar. Nothin's, as bad as a yank.
PALM: Righto mates, bleedin yanks.
by arlo gehmair March 31, 2008
another word for weed
mane 1: hey u got palm?
mane 2: yea im smackin it right now
by Sizzy May 01, 2006
To palm is a direct synonym for steal, boost, lift, jack, swipe, rob, yoink, or otherwise take unlawfully.

It usually implies stealing something small in a discreet manner.
A: "Yo where'd you get that watch at?"
B: "Oh, I palmed it from the Macy's in the mall"

A: "Yo, where'd you get that iPod at?"
B: "Oh, I palmed it off some kid in my gym class"
by J.J. La82 November 02, 2011

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