To palm is a direct synonym for steal, boost, lift, jack, swipe, rob, yoink, or otherwise take unlawfully.

It usually implies stealing something small in a discreet manner.
A: "Yo where'd you get that watch at?"
B: "Oh, I palmed it from the Macy's in the mall"

A: "Yo, where'd you get that iPod at?"
B: "Oh, I palmed it off some kid in my gym class"
by J.J. La82 November 02, 2011
to hold in your hand
I was palming that crack, watchin' the long arm of the law.

She let me palm her ass.
by cErTiFiEd November 30, 2004
'Palm' is used to refer to the king pimp, i.e. the pimp who pimps the pimps.

It's origins lie in the name of the real life King Pimp, who was called Palm.
to a pimp:
"Who's your pimp"

by qwerty June 09, 2004
Heaven in the form of a Margarita with 1000 proof beer...all the liquor and beer needed for the thirsty college student in search of knowledge to answer all of life's questions.
Let's get blitzed at the Palms or take the Palms Challenge.
by IHTFP December 09, 2003
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