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Palintology is the study of prignorance
Scholars in the 23rd century examining the follies of the 21st century will have a whole sub-discipline called Palintology.
by Figleaf23 October 02, 2008
The future science and study of the bones of Sarah Palin and all animal forms she once embodied in the early 21st century.

See also Mooselini, Gorilla from Wasilla, mama grizzly, and Caribou Barbie.
A hundred years from now many prominent universities around the globe will offer courses on Palintology.
by dookeyboy November 19, 2010
A term used to describe the media coverage of why John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.
I don't know about you, but I'm already sick of the Palintology on FOX News.

What are you studying? Palintology. Yeah, that $hit is hilarious!
by GO GREEN PARTY GO September 03, 2008
a belief system based upon the biblical story of creationism, versus the science of dinosaurs once roaming the the ones whose bones are in museums, and based upon a loose interpretation of the Bible to justify killing polar bears, aerial hunting of wolves, and spouting falsehoods for the sole purpose of getting elected to political office to further Christianize the planet and prepare for the Apocalyptic Prophesy.
Denying man contributes to global warming, lying about visiting Iraq and Ireland, and lying about scandals in Alaskan politics is all part of Palintology.
by snappy2 September 14, 2008
The study of why God hid dinosaur bones all over the earth 6000 years ago, advocated by Sarah Palin.
As a Palintologist I have dedicated my life to the study of Palintology. Sarah Palin is guiding us to discover God's purpose when he hid these strange bones all over the planet. Naturally we believe in creationism and Palintology will help us to answer this fundamental question.
by Sean The King October 06, 2008
The study of the American political system in the early twenty-first century as it mutated from Democrat versus Republican and Liberal versus Conservative to the Sane versus the Insane – coinciding with the introduction of Sarah Palin and the inception of the Tea Party.
Man 1: I just signed up for a class to study how Sarah Palin screwed up everything for the Republican Party by stirring up the crazies and setting the stage for the Tea Party movement.
Man 2: I took Palintology last semester. It’s hard to believe those people can walk and chew gum at the same time!
by Politic Ric October 25, 2010
The study of certain prehistoric hominids who, it is theorised, may bear some relation to homo sapiens.

These creatures were primitive hunter-gatherers, subsisting on a diet of bears, wolves and caribou, and armed with only the most primitive varmint-rifles and rudimentary helicopters. Their cranial capacity is estimated at one quarter that of homo sapiens, though archaeological evidence suggests they had attained the basic skills of flint-working, fire-making, and gratuitous self-publicity.

It is believed they held a peculiarly close relationship with the species vulpes vulpes, and were in fact dependent on Fox for survival.
Hoccimum Folksiensis, a primitive form of tool-using hominid, which possessed rudimentary thumbs but no autocue ability.

Palintology: proudly regressing human knowledge one Heck at a time.
by Pipe Downn June 13, 2011
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