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Petty, dim-witted, female dictator from a large but sparsely populated state who abdicated the throne after 2 years to move on to greener pasture$ and spread propaganda in hopes of a coup d'etat of the U.S. Government in 2012.

See also Gorilla from Wasilla and Caribou Barbie.
Mooselini has made quite a few appearances on Faux News ever since she abdicated and was supposedly going into hiding.
by dookeyboy November 18, 2010
Petty dictator quitter from a sparsely populated state that spreads slander on Fox News.
Mooselini rules over her little world where Jesus rode dinosaurs.
by Hiker Daddy October 26, 2010
A petty dictator from a sparsely populated state with a large moose population.
Governor Mooselini today fired yet another agency chief for daring to question her policies.
by steverino247 September 15, 2008