A Chocolate drink made in Barcelona, Spain that is the thickest hot chocolate that you've ever tasted. Usually served with a teaspoon and used for dipping freshly made croissants or donuts into. Can be enjoyed any time of year and is created by Nutrexpa of Spain.
Yo amore mi Paladin Instantaneo! Disfruta de PALADIN en cualquier momento. En tan solo 2 minutos preparate un excelente PALADIN a la taza. Esta buenisimo!
by Unamunda August 15, 2006
Title character, 60's TV western.
AKA 'Have Gun, Will Travel'.
Have gun, will travel reads the card of
a man
A knight without armor in a savage land.
His fast gun for hire heeds the calling wind
A soldier of fortune is a man called
by ArmyCop June 04, 2004
A Class of Characters found in World of Warcraft which is only available to Alliance characters. The are in many ways greater than other classes found in World of Warcraft with abilities to wear the highest class of armors, fight with the strongest melee weapons, and use spells that allow temporary invulnerability and healing. This class of characters is hated by many others due to the inability to cope with the fact that he or she spent so much time creating a character who is unable to use or beat the paladin class. Similiar hatred is seen towards the Horde class characters of Shamans. It has been found in many studies that people who believe the paladin class is an unfair class often have a 32.4 pound stone with rough edges lodged in their rectum and decending colon.
Pussy Ass Rogue: "OMG, What a gay Paladin. I can't gank him like the others. I guess I'll go bitch about this class because I'm in denial since I spent so much time on my pathetic rogue, I have lost all my dignity in real life. I lost my job, my girlfriend, my house, my ability to erect my penis or vice versa. I can't even take a shit like I used to. Yeah, I'll do that. Paladins are for noobs. That makes me feel better. Shamans suck to.
by Munir Khan July 19, 2005
In WOW)a class that can be the most versitile class in the game if people learned to diversify abilities.
some believe it to be overpowered,because they can in situatins be indistructable,some believe underpowered,because if you play conservativly with a paladin you become one dimensional,and despite your unbelievable power can be destroyed.

In real life or any other game,a holy warrior protector of faith named after athene the goddess of protection
(the root word pal comes from "pallas athene" a name that athene often went under.
When a good WOW Paladin joins a group they will hear "wow I didnt know Paladins could do that" almost every single time.
When a lame Paladin plays they can only heal,use 1 aura per fight(sometimes 1 aura per lifetime)use 1 seal type,and either poorly mismanage mana,or never use any at all.
by artemisathena September 22, 2006
A heroic defender of mages. Posesser of great defense.
Paldins, Dying so you don't have to.
by Dave December 08, 2004
A tanking class in the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Final Fantasy 11. We, the Paladins, strive to keep hate towards us and not a mage or any other low def. class. We are warriors who have gone further and have taken on the white magical abilities. We are strong and nearly imposable to beat. Our only weakness, is magic. We have a high physical defense. Our 2-hour Special Ability (known for taking 2 hours to regain that ability) is invincablity. We cover the mages when they get alot of hate generated towards them; example below.
<Black Mage> <Paladin> <Enemy>
Balck mage = Kegan
Paladin = Victorius
Enemy = Orcish Champion
Kegan starts casting Quake on Orcish Champion.
Kegan casts Quake on Orcish Champion.
Orcish Champion takes 938 damage!
-Orcish Champion turns to Kegan-
Victorus uses cover!
-Victorius gets between Kegan and the Orcish Champion-
Cover! Victorius takes 78 damage!
instead of
-Orcish Champion turns to kegan-
-Kegan has 789 Hit Points while Victorius has 1,269-
-Orcish Champion hits Kegan for 597 damage!-
-Orcish Champion hits Kegan for 631 damage!-
-Kegan falls to the ground- (Implying he just got ass raped)
-Off subject-
-Orcish Champion turns to Katsukaru-
-Orcish Champion hits Katsukaru for 297 damage!-
-Ebony casts Cure III-
-Katsukaru recovers 190 Hit Points-
-Orcish Champion hits Katsukaru for 345 damage!-
-Katsukaru uses Tachi: Gekko- (Not to be confused with Tachi: Geiko)
-Orcish Champion take 168 damage!-
-Orcish Champion criticle hits Katsukaru for 538 damage!-
-Katsukaru falls to the ground- (dead, if you didn't figure that out already)
1. A knight on King Arthur's round table, they are noble and brave champions who only want to protect people

2. dumbass kids on World of Warcraft that wanted to be warriors that could heal. In PvP combat they typically just stall until a real class comes along, becuase by then the opponent is usually out of mana.
1. Paladins are holy knights of honor who would never run away from a fight

2. Shield and Hearth!
by Gregunit February 25, 2006

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