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2 definitions by Unamunda

The name of a street in Sarasota, Florida that no one seems to know what it was named after. A short road to no where but home.
I live on Parandor Place.
by Unamunda August 15, 2006
A Chocolate drink made in Barcelona, Spain that is the thickest hot chocolate that you've ever tasted. Usually served with a teaspoon and used for dipping freshly made croissants or donuts into. Can be enjoyed any time of year and is created by Nutrexpa of Spain.
Yo amore mi Paladin Instantaneo! Disfruta de PALADIN en cualquier momento. En tan solo 2 minutos preparate un excelente PALADIN a la taza. Esta buenisimo!
by Unamunda August 15, 2006