Phat Ass Latina
yo check out that P.A.L
by AfroSupaFly May 06, 2009
Parents are listening. Used when you want to share a secret, but you're parents are in the room and you don't want them to know you're secret.
Person 1: what were you gonna tell me?
Person 2:Yes, i do wanna but, Pal.
by WinterRain March 16, 2015
P.A.L = Personal Alcohol Level
My PAL's getting pretty low right now, pour me another shot!
by XBaGaGExKiLLaX8 January 09, 2013
Acronym for: Puked A Little
P.A.L, at the thought.

Not Saying your baby is ugly but I just P.A.L.
by RandomLeeKind February 22, 2013
Pål is the coolest name a person can have.
If your name is Pål, then you're guaranteed to get into heaven.
I wish -my- name was Pål.
"Oh my god! Look at Pål, he's so cool!"
by Even H. October 02, 2003
Point and laugh.

An Internet acronym used in the early days of Runescape 2.
Check out that noob wearing full bronze!

by Dvd32 August 08, 2008
stands for Pack A Lip, meaning smokeless tobacco. can be used safely in front of parents and adults.
"Hey Nick wana go walk around and pal?"
by cabesa grande April 06, 2009

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