it's basically this: a polite and incognito way of saying 'your a douche bag' to someone you don't know.
excuse me, could you hold on a minute pal.

what he really said was: HOLD ON DOUCHE BAG!!!!!
by the ace of spades March 26, 2008
An agreement or equilibrium reached by two parties and the resulting phrase of the resolution in question. Can also be used as a way of questionining a persons state of mind / temper / mood.
"ya-rite der pal"


"are u-rite der pal?"
by Footscray March 01, 2006
Parolee at large.
When someone is paroled from prison then fails to report to his parole officer.
Hey man, the cops were here looking for you, I guess their doing PAL searches all over the freekin county.
by outonbail October 20, 2003
Cock Bite
"You're such a Pål"
by Even H. October 03, 2003
Punk ass lame
"Homeboys a straight Pal, Roll his bitch ass up youngster"
by Clyde Double Barrow January 21, 2009
Phat Ass Latina!!!
A woman of hispanic descent deemed attractive due to her rotund and robust ASS.
Raquel is my pal. word.
by Pal Lova September 14, 2006

to point and laugh at someone in quake,
half-life or anything else online. syntax is: PAL@<name>
##b00din got headshot by w00t's m4a1##
w00t: pal@b00din
b00din: stfu wanker
w00t: :]
by w00t April 28, 2003

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