Means Pack a Lip, using smokless tobacco.
"Hey, wanna go and PAL?"
by orangelego February 09, 2010
Pál is a Faroese name, the orgins of this name are still not known, some say Iceland others say Sweden even Norwegian.
It is the worst that you can ever be, and it is a defense to everything!
Usually in defense against: your mom super shield and many other phrases.
This word is to remind everyone how bad Pál has it everyday, and you both agree that he has it a lot worse than your own arguments or problems.
Mark: Dudes what you guys doing?
Dia & Hjalti: Your mom!
Mark: Pál
Dia: Oh dude, totally unfair.
Hjalti: Yea we have to pity the fool Pál.
by Markus Oink February 01, 2009
what you would call a friend who's name is a Palindrome, or the same spelled backwards and forwards.

ex. of palindrome:

Stanley Yelnats (the character from holes)
by rani of roses October 23, 2007
An agreement or equilibrium reached by two parties and the resulting phrase of the resolution in question. Can also be used as a way of questionining a persons state of mind / temper / mood.
"ya-rite der pal"


"are u-rite der pal?"
by Footscray March 01, 2006
Parolee at large.
When someone is paroled from prison then fails to report to his parole officer.
Hey man, the cops were here looking for you, I guess their doing PAL searches all over the freekin county.
by outonbail October 20, 2003
Cock Bite
"You're such a Pål"
by Even H. October 03, 2003
Punk ass lame
"Homeboys a straight Pal, Roll his bitch ass up youngster"
by Clyde Double Barrow January 21, 2009

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