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A popular rap group in Poland. They specialize in a pure hip hop sound. Focuses more on voice sound than beats, and has unmistakeable flow. Formed in 1998, band members from Katowice and Mikołowa. Name means pact (pakt) and fonics (fonika). This means a pact with sound from a speaker. Formed after Magik (Magician) left Kaliber44, another similar Polish hip hop group. The end Paktofonika was when Magik was diagnosed with schizophrenia and jumped from the roof of his appartment building, killing himself. The music is still considered a major rap influence in Poland. Look at it on youtube.
- Ej ziom, co kurwa słychać? Chcesz ze mną przyjść na imprę?
- A co tam na tej imprezie będzie?
- A co kurwa myślisz? Wódka, kobiety i oczywiście Paktofonika!
- No to co się kurwa pytasz? Oczywiście że tam będę...

- Yo homes what's up? Wanna go to a party?
- And what the fuck will be there in this party?
- What the fuck do you think? Vodka, women and of course Paktofonika playing!
- What the fuck are you asking me then of course I'll be there...
by Bandzior December 19, 2009
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