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It's the Polish spelling of Vodka.
Hey... Did you know Wódka is the polish spelling for Vodka?
by Dudzik June 19, 2006
A term used to describe ones desire to no longer be sober, often used to alert other sober people of this inention. This is usualy a prelude to the use of Vodka to rectify the situation, and restore the people involved to their normal drunken way of life.
"Where shall we go for lunch today?"
"Oooh I dont know, what do you think?"
"I want wodka"
by Slippery Jim D'Griz July 10, 2008
Wodka is the negative drunk version of the alcohol that is vodka.
Being negatively drunk from vodka. Such as crying, severe depressiveness and violence.
*Kate rips down family heirloom* "Oh my god... wodka moment"
by Danihelle May 22, 2007
1) The Polish spelling of vodka.

2) A nickname for inexpensive, low quaity liquor, usually low-grade vodka but can be used to describe any hard liquor of poor quality. Wodka often produces a more severe hangover, in a shorter amount of time, than higher-quality liquor.
I bought some 5-dollar wodka. It smelled like bleach and tasted like paint thinner, and my hangover kicked in before I finished drinking the shit.
by run_litte_man October 05, 2006
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