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It's the Polish spelling of Vodka.
Hey... Did you know Wódka is the polish spelling for Vodka?
by Dudzik June 19, 2006
60 7
A term used to describe ones desire to no longer be sober, often used to alert other sober people of this inention. This is usualy a prelude to the use of Vodka to rectify the situation, and restore the people involved to their normal drunken way of life.
"Where shall we go for lunch today?"
"Oooh I dont know, what do you think?"
"I want wodka"
by Slippery Jim D'Griz July 10, 2008
12 5
Wodka is the negative drunk version of the alcohol that is vodka.
Being negatively drunk from vodka. Such as crying, severe depressiveness and violence.
*Kate rips down family heirloom* "Oh my god... wodka moment"
by Danihelle May 22, 2007
6 19
1) The Polish spelling of vodka.

2) A nickname for inexpensive, low quaity liquor, usually low-grade vodka but can be used to describe any hard liquor of poor quality. Wodka often produces a more severe hangover, in a shorter amount of time, than higher-quality liquor.
I bought some 5-dollar wodka. It smelled like bleach and tasted like paint thinner, and my hangover kicked in before I finished drinking the shit.
by run_litte_man October 05, 2006
6 26