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One Winged Angel. Sephiroth's final battle theme.
Veni veni venias. Ne me mori facias.
by Pure w00tness June 30, 2005
used to express oh yea. commonly used by lazy faggots that cant talk english very good.
amelia said owa and derek blocked her.
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
A nasty smelly woman from the website gametalk. He is very annoying and sees life through his large over-sized glasses he got from an off-brand store ten years ago. He is now blind as a bat without them, not only in his decisions in life but also his vision. I have proof of this but that is classified info bitches.

This woman/man (he/she is unsure) is very opposed to living outside of his bedroom. And is very opposed to cleaning the sheets he sleeps in because he likes the cum stains on it. No not his. ~wink~
An OWA walks into his bathroom, grabs his laptop and starts a google search. Before he decides to google up a web sire for him to argue with people, he gets up and stares in the mirror after applying; for several minutes; two or three applications of thick drag-queen edition red hooker lipstick. He saunters, in his clear see-through Lucite slippers two sizes two small. Then slips into his Pink Mac, a gift from ~*faye*~ his bitch. Then prepares himself for the search. He gets on and see's that Devyn is not loving him dearly like the rest of the morons. The horror! He shrieks out loud and his mom hears it from downstairs. He said he saw a spider, then she ignores it. Moving on, he preforms a deadly reply and feels the need to go to Devyn's best friend Kylie and tell her that he thinks Devyn is a little bitch. Is Kylie shocked? Amused? Bewildered? Is it really necesary for this to happen? Find out next week on 'Bitch T.V.'
by Devyn~ August 29, 2005
a word that fags use when they know they are wrong and dont want to admit it
Hey johnny do you suck at cs? OWA KID!
by Josh Krantz March 21, 2003
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