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Taking a position that is 100% incorrect and being offended that others are not buying your bullshit.
Rob: "Hey, I left my iPod in your kitchen yesterday"
Vik: "Nope."
Rob: "We listen to it all day, from your iPod speaker,
Vik: "Nope. I checked."
Rob: "Nice Pakistance , Prick!"
Vik: "Um, ah. ... Can I please have another couple million dollars assistance?"
by Seal6 May 08, 2011
A stance, viewpoint, or perspective relating to the country of Pakistan. A Pakistance can convey an individual's standpoint on social, political, economic situations relative to another country, region or culture.

Can also be used with another country than ends in -stan... Kazakhstance, Uzbekistance, Turkmenistance.
Person 1: I am taking a tough Pakistance on this matter. These are the problems that tear families apart and lead to civil war.

Person 2: Whats wrong?

Person 1: My paratha has not been buttered.
by thecatburglar September 20, 2011