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When you're fucking and change positions so that your dick gets pulled out of the hole you're using. To successfully get a Pacifier, you usually have to have, a big dick head, a tight hole, or be at an angle when you pull out. One, or any combination of the three, make a loud popping sound when you pop out. On The Simpsons, when Maggie's pacifier gets taken out, listen for the *POP!*
Kenny: Ohhh, baby your ass is sooo tight!
Brianne: Finish on my face!
Kenny: See??!?
by LincolnMarkyMark March 29, 2005
Combination of two things, the Hersey Highway and the Tittie Fuck. Since doing someone up the ass is called doing the hersey highway, and doing someone's tits is called a tittie fuck, by combining them you get the Frontage Road. What you do is fuck their ass cheeks, but don't actually enter the asshole. For those that don't know a frontage road is the road that runs along a highway, and sometimes is what's used to get on the highway. It's your choice if shit is involved, cause it's not necessary, but sure is fun!
Girl: God my ass hurts!
Guy: Why, mexican food?
Girl: No, Todd gave me a Frontage Road last night, and we didn't have lube.
by LincolnMarkyMark March 29, 2005
When you're fucking a girl and about to finish, you pull out. While finishing yourself off, you put your finger most of the way over your tip so that you spew like when you put a thumb over the end of a hose. You must spray jizz all over the girl's hair, then scrunch it all up so it looks like Jersey hair.
Named after the infamous hair spray used by so many Jersey girls before going out or to Bon Jovi concerts.
What happened to your hair?
Oh, John Aquanetted me last night, and I haven't showered it out yet.
by LincolnMarkyMark April 04, 2005

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