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Often seeking the attention of professional gamers, eGirls are born and raised on Twitter where they gain exponential amounts of attention from pub players and competitive players alike, and still complain about being lonely. If you ever are looking for a good late night show on Twitter, look no further than eGirls.

Shortly after the first Major League Gaming event in Dallas, TX 2013, the rate at which eGirl nudes were released increased by 70% compared to the previous Pro Circuit year. Due to the influx of content, traffic on sites such as Brazzers and Playboy reduced dramatically during this time.

Live sightings of eGirls can be found at gaming LANs. The largest gathering to date was during a MLG event in Anaheim, CA 2013.

Nicknames: Pro-Hoes, Gamer Groupies
"Did you see that Sara Kate eGirl? Funny how she came into the scene right after Karma won $100k." - Anonymous

"ThatOneGirlPink released her own nudes? What an eGirl." - Anonymous

"Can you believe that one eGirl did that behind a bush?" - Anonymous
by evensides July 06, 2013
A girl who is a slut over the internet.
Dude, @SlyTheSloth is an egirl.
by RiseNinja January 13, 2016
An egirl is an internet slut. A girl who tends to flirt with many online guys. Her world revolves around getting attention from professional gamers as well as guys who are extremely "ethirsty". She may possibly send nudes or do anything else for these guys in order to seek their attention, including possibly spreading nutella all over her body. Calling a girl an "egirl" is an insult. You might as well be calling her a hoe who's sub thirsty.
" That egirl's nudes were leaked 5 times!"
by TheAnonymousTruth July 02, 2014
A girl who loves to dick ride every guy she meets on the internet
"dude autumn is dating another guy! 3rd one this month! fucking egirl"
by justaloser May 19, 2016
1. An internet girl who thrives off of the attention of others no matter who it may be. An "eGirl" will often post pictures where she is dressed in very skimpy clothing in order to evoke a reaction from her followers.
Person A: "Hey, did you hear about that eGirl?"

Person B: "Yea man, her nudes are all over twitter!"
by TheBlackWeeaboo July 08, 2016
Call her an E girl cause she's always after the D
She all over him...a true E girl
by awillie June 14, 2009
A Guy who pretends to be a girl on online communities or games for humor or sexual meetings.
Mainly 50 year old perverts who still live with their parents.

eGIRL : Guy In Real Life
Guy1: Dude check out this hot email she sent me!
Guy2: Its probably an eGirl who will want to meet you and rape you.
by xRhavok April 28, 2009
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